The Ladies


Kirstie and Cristina have been friends ever since their mom's FORCED THEM to have a play date when they were 3 and 4 years old. In the younger days they of course fought over barbies and Twix and who was better at doing tricks on their bikes but they have stayed friends thru the years and Cristina feels truely blessed to still have her and her family in my life. They lost touch for a couple of years when in middle school (Cristina was obviously too cool for her) but luckily they became friends again and have been even closer ever since then.

Andrea is Cristina's younger sister. Although she is 7 years younger and Cristina didn't always love having to share a room with her while we were growing up, Cristina actually CHOSE to live with her when they became adults. She is more than just her sister, she is also one of her best friends. She is always filled with enthusiasm and is known as the social butterfly of their family.

Claudia is also Marco's sister and she also lives in Zürich. Marco and Claudia are growing closer as they get older and Cristina had an instant friend when she arrived in Switzerland.




Elizabeth is Cristina's niece, daughter of her brother, Louis. They live in Chicago and Little Marco is very excited that he will get to play with his cousins during the wedding.

Ari is Cristina's cousin's daughter. She is an adorable energetic little girl and will be standing with Litte Marco in the wedding. The two of them are always asking about each other and they are very much looking forward to sharing the dance floor with each other.

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