The Men


Oliver and Marco started to play pool in the same pool hall in Zurich. As teenagers do, they don't hang out with each other if they are not the same age.
Nevertheless, it might be a coincident but Oliver was always there when Marco's life should change just a few weeks or months later. Today Oliver is in the job Marco did after Oliver did it - confusing but true. Marco is glad to call such a down-to-earth guy his friend and also Best Man.


As all of Marco's friends involved in the wedding Simon and Marco met in a pool hall. Instead of a battle at the table they were involved in the same event and should work together on other occasions as well.
Simon was also responsible for a significant input that changed Marco's life in no time!


Of course - Jonny and Marco met in a pool hall. As buddies they travelled to many Euro Tour stops and spent great times at great places. A true friend you can always rely on. And if you need help with your EDP, your beer brewery or whatever it might be - he's the man!

Needless to say that this hansome boy is the lord of the rings! Watch out for this little fella. On the way to "the stage" he might want to play with you a bit. Help him being focused - he might blow you a kiss anyway.

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